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Confessions of a Nutritionist: I hate cooking

GASP! That's not something that is supposed to drop out of my mouth. The word HATE might be a bit strong here, but put it this way, I would rather be anywhere other than the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I have tried REALLY hard to like it (or at least not hate it), but it's just not happening for me.




So, what does a Nutritionist who secretly harbours such feelings, actually eat? My motto is keep it simple, keep it quick, and get the hell out. And food that needs minimal clean-up is a bonus too.

Here are my tips for when you would rather be anywhere other than the kitchen:

1. Use your time in there wisely - I always have multiple things on the go. Eggs boiling on the stove top, pumpkin and sweet potato roasting in the oven underneath the kids' lunchbox muffins, a

tomato sauce making itself in the thermomix.

2. Cook your pumpkin with skin and seeds ON (you can always remove it later). The same goes for sweet potato - cook it whole, skin and all.

3. Use shortcuts whenever you can. There is no shame in buying pre-cut or frozen veges.

4. Double up on recipes made - one for dinner, one for the fridge or freezer. I love my past, thoughtful self when I can grab something out and reheat it - no cooking, and very little clean up = WINNING.

5. Keep a supply of veges that require very little prepping - eg. cauliflower, broccoli, beans, snow peas. They cook quickly too.

6. Use the BBQ - a piece of meat paired with salad veges or steamed veges. Easy! You can even cook some veges on the BBQ, if you like.

7. Use the slow cooker - although it takes all day to cook, it really cuts down on time spent hovering over a stove-top. Perfect for doubling up your recipes too.

8. Make one-pot recipes your friend - stirfries, casseroles, soups, oven baked dishes - these save serious time and clean-up.

It's easy to eat nutritious food, even if you don't love cooking! Check out my very simple recipes for some more ideas.

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