The goal of this  60-90 minute session is to find out as much as possible about you, so that I can work out how to best help you. This will include your health history, habits, food preferences, and goal setting.

In this 30 minute session, we will see how you are going, perform any measurements required, problem solve and make sure you keep moving forward on your journey. 

Psychology services include counselling for weight management, body image, stress management, anxiety and depression. 

Vidafit Overhaul

For an entire lifestyle Overhaul, the Vidafit Overhaul team (including me) can help you start exercising, learn about nutrition and mindset and change habits. Click on the photo to learn more about this incredible program.

Nutrition education workshops are held regularly in small groups on topics such as nutrition for sports performance, weight loss, general wellbeing, families and kids. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter to stay informed of any upcoming events. 

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